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BBC News School Report 2011

Wow!  What a day 🙂  Everyone worked really hard on their stories.

Here is our complete News bulletin Click here

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Sport reports

The sports offered at Blairgowrie High School is an important subject to pupils at the school. We asked approximately 30 pupils to complete our survey about the sports available to pupils and what sports pupils participated in most. The results revealed that over 2% of pupils didn’t do any sports. Although the school offers a wide range of sports pupils don’t take part because the sports they enjoyed most were not offered by the school as an extra curricular club. So we asked the kids that didn’t do any sports what they wanted to be offered in the school. The most popular sports chosen by pupils were athletics and lacrosse. We asked the PE teachers if it would be possible to set up clubs and they said that an Athletics club would be starting after the Easter holidays but it would be difficult to start a lacrosse club as we would have to lose a club in order to start another one.

A Physical Education teacher is a popular career choice for many children so we found out how some of the PE teachers at Blairgowrie High School decided to become PE teachers themselves and what they enjoy about their jobs.

One of the three teachers, Mr Simpson, said that he decided to take a career in teaching PE after he left school while the others said that they have always wanted to be PE teachers because they enjoy being active, competitive, and coming up with new and fun ways to get pupils enjoying sports so they can keep fit and healthy.

 By Eve

Last Friday it was Comic Relief. At our school we celebrated it by having a non-uniform day. Plus we had a staff vs. pupil’s football match. It was a fantastic match with the staff winning 4-1.

The referee was Mr Kirkpatrick, the Head of the Geography department. The men of the match were Mr Simpson, Mr Anderson, Euan Mitchell, Mr Kerr and Mr Asensio. They played very well.   

On Saturday the 19th of March, Rangers F.C won the Co-operative Insurance Cup against their closest rivals Celtic F.C by winning 2-1. Celtic were very disappointed but all the players and fans were well behaved.  Although Walter Smith was very happy at the result, he was also sad because this match was his last Co-operative Insurance Cup final game in charge of Rangers F.C.

One thing you might not know is that Dundee F.C have broken their club record with a run 22 games that are unbeaten. They have done incredibly well and hope to keep their good form up.



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Over fishing

Green peace has recently asked princes tuna “if they caught nemo would they kill him too”. The reason for this is that lots of tuna companies use net fishing which uses a number of small boats to pull a huge net around a shoal of tuna and back to the main boat.

The net is then pulled out of the water and dumped on board the ship, along with the tuna sharks turtles and even dolphins are brought aboard most of which die or are killed.

This is not right it is not helping these animals recover from over fishing, lots of people agree and there have been lots of petitions signed

There has even been a TV programme about it on channel four called Hughes fish fight starring Hugh Fearnly Whittingstal from river cottage

More locally there is more than just this problem Tons of good fish are discarded out at sea by trawlers because it is illegal for them to land more fish than they are pemitted

To this is putting allot of fishermen out of business and forcing them to look for different work and  give up fishing that has sometimes been in there family for generations.

But a recent legislation might change all this some politicians think that the discards are not acceptable, but others don’t think that this would be a good idea but one problem is that fishermen could take advantage of this and catch more and more fish making over fishing a big problem. 

 By Douglas

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China to ban smoking in public places!

According to the Health Ministry, this regulation will come in to place on the 1st of May this year, including buses, restaurants and bars.

But they have still allowed smoking in the workplace but it is banned in hospitals and schools. Almost a quarter of China’s population smoke and more than one million people die every year from smoking-related illnesses.

China has 350 million smokers who consumer 2 trillion cigarettes a year. Smoking is fashionable in China, where it is seen as an essential and mainly sociable touch for some jobs.

Some people think the Chinese government has not been quick enough to ban smoking in the country.

The new regulations have banned cigarette vending machines in some areas. They are also trying to spread the knowledge of the dangers of smoking as well by campaigning.

So this will save around £ 2 billion a year alone in china

By Rachel

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School improvements

We sent a survey around the school on school improvements. Our results showed that three hundred and ninety six people said that the toilets needed improved.





We spoke to Mrs Bryce, Depute Rector about this.  She said there were planned improvements to this area and these improvements would happen in the next year.

The other question was if we needed more seating areas and the result to that was that three hundred and thirty five people wanted more seating areas. We also asked for more suggestions and they included : better seats in class rooms and also that we needed a quiet corner out side so we could read our books and just chat. 

Ryan and Alexander

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Bullying is an issue that worries young people today. It is a physical and verbal action that a lot of young people are dealing with at school and at home. Some people are getting bullied for no apparent reason and others may get bullied for being different for example the colour of their skin, their size or maybe their name. There are different types of bullying such as verbal, physical and cyberbullying. This is getting more and more common and a lot more people are getting affected and it HAS to stop!!!!

 There is a lot of bullying on television but it doesn’t tend to be very realistic. They deal with things all wrong. On glee Kurt was getting bullied. He got thrown in dumpsters and bullied because of his sexuality choice. This led to him being moved to an all boy’s school near by. The creator of glee Ryan Murphy says the storyline came not from him but from the actor, Chris colfer’s experiences. In real life people may not be able to move schools because there might not be one close enough or it costs money.

We interviewed pupils of blairgowrie high school. One of our questions was “What do you think about bullying?” and one of our pupils said “I think its mean and not fair on the person that’s getting bullied just because they are different”. 

We interviewed the head of one of the departments about the bullying policy at blairgowrie high school and he said how the school deals with bullying. First of all they get a form from the teacher who is dealing with the names and description on what happened. Then they speak to the victim and the bully to hear their side of the story. The school makes a decision and writes a report on what happened. If necessary they will phone parents and think of suitable punishment of either a break, lunchtime or after school detention. If the situation is really bad they would take further action and exclude the pupil.

Over all we think bullying should be stopped once and for all.

Ashton and Eilidh

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