Over fishing

Green peace has recently asked princes tuna “if they caught nemo would they kill him too”. The reason for this is that lots of tuna companies use net fishing which uses a number of small boats to pull a huge net around a shoal of tuna and back to the main boat.

The net is then pulled out of the water and dumped on board the ship, along with the tuna sharks turtles and even dolphins are brought aboard most of which die or are killed.

This is not right it is not helping these animals recover from over fishing, lots of people agree and there have been lots of petitions signed

There has even been a TV programme about it on channel four called Hughes fish fight starring Hugh Fearnly Whittingstal from river cottage

More locally there is more than just this problem Tons of good fish are discarded out at sea by trawlers because it is illegal for them to land more fish than they are pemitted

To this is putting allot of fishermen out of business and forcing them to look for different work and  give up fishing that has sometimes been in there family for generations.

But a recent legislation might change all this some politicians think that the discards are not acceptable, but others don’t think that this would be a good idea but one problem is that fishermen could take advantage of this and catch more and more fish making over fishing a big problem. 

 By Douglas

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