Sport reports

The sports offered at Blairgowrie High School is an important subject to pupils at the school. We asked approximately 30 pupils to complete our survey about the sports available to pupils and what sports pupils participated in most. The results revealed that over 2% of pupils didn’t do any sports. Although the school offers a wide range of sports pupils don’t take part because the sports they enjoyed most were not offered by the school as an extra curricular club. So we asked the kids that didn’t do any sports what they wanted to be offered in the school. The most popular sports chosen by pupils were athletics and lacrosse. We asked the PE teachers if it would be possible to set up clubs and they said that an Athletics club would be starting after the Easter holidays but it would be difficult to start a lacrosse club as we would have to lose a club in order to start another one.

A Physical Education teacher is a popular career choice for many children so we found out how some of the PE teachers at Blairgowrie High School decided to become PE teachers themselves and what they enjoy about their jobs.

One of the three teachers, Mr Simpson, said that he decided to take a career in teaching PE after he left school while the others said that they have always wanted to be PE teachers because they enjoy being active, competitive, and coming up with new and fun ways to get pupils enjoying sports so they can keep fit and healthy.

 By Eve

Last Friday it was Comic Relief. At our school we celebrated it by having a non-uniform day. Plus we had a staff vs. pupil’s football match. It was a fantastic match with the staff winning 4-1.

The referee was Mr Kirkpatrick, the Head of the Geography department. The men of the match were Mr Simpson, Mr Anderson, Euan Mitchell, Mr Kerr and Mr Asensio. They played very well.   

On Saturday the 19th of March, Rangers F.C won the Co-operative Insurance Cup against their closest rivals Celtic F.C by winning 2-1. Celtic were very disappointed but all the players and fans were well behaved.  Although Walter Smith was very happy at the result, he was also sad because this match was his last Co-operative Insurance Cup final game in charge of Rangers F.C.

One thing you might not know is that Dundee F.C have broken their club record with a run 22 games that are unbeaten. They have done incredibly well and hope to keep their good form up.



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