A Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor


Sadly, acting sensation Elizabeth Taylor has passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 79. She was an inspiration to many over her career spanning from 1942 to 2011; a staggering 69 years. She had always had problems with health through most of her life and it was in 2004 she announced she was suffering from congestive heart failure. Also, during her lifetime she had both hips replaced; beat skin cancer; had a brain tumour, diabetes, seizures and a stroke. It is estimated she has suffered from 70 illnesses and has had 100 operations, 20 of them major surgery. 

Through her career she starred in many films. She is best remembered for starring as Cleopatra which was released in 1963. Apart from acting she has had a colourful life; she has been married 8 times, to a US senator, John Warner and twice to Richard Burton. She was awarded 2 Oscars for her roles in Butterfield 8 which was released in 1960 and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf ? which was released in 1966?

For me, I personally think she will be remembered for years to come as the great actress who starred on our screens for almost 7 glorious decades.

She will be sorely missed.

By Sean

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Japanese earthquake and tsunami

The has caused  distress and grief to people in Japan.

The death toll is said to be about 9,000 with 16,000 still reported missing.

A few days after the major earthquake and tsunami hit, a police spokesman from one of the hardest hit areas, Miyagi, said 250 thefts have been reported in the 10 days since the disaster hit. Around £75,000 worth of goods have been stolen. The police are determined to cut the growing petty theft and will even put an extra 100 officers on patrol!   

Some of the reported incidents involve a man breaking into a cash machine, stealing petrol from cars and taking items form damaged stores and houses. It is appalling that people are trying to benefit from victims of the disaster.

By Sarah

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Budget report

On Wednesday the 23 March the chancellor, George Osborne announced his latest Budget…   

So, what are the main points of the Budget?

Fuel duty is down by 1p per litre, which the treasury claims to lower the cost of filling the average Family Car by £3, but even so, most people are unsure that it is change for the good. Also George Osborne has told the BBC that Fuel duty was going to be going up by 6p in the next 6 weeks, but he has cancelled that.

The Tax-Free Personal Allowance will go up to £8,105 from April 2012, but that only means a £48 tax cut! Mr Osborne also failed to say that in 14 days about 750,000 people will become High-Rate Taxpayers, with some families losing over £500! Pupils from Blairgowrie High School took part in the BBC school news report survey recently, of the pupils who took part, 39% knew someone who had lost a job. If our friends or our parents are unemployed, then the tax cut doesn’t even matter!

By Tom

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BBC visitors

On the 15th of March, 2011, three members of the BBC six o’ clock news team came to visit the BBC School News Report group at Blairgowrie High School. We all enjoyed the visit from Alison the correspondent, Craig the cameraman and Simon the producer.

 As a school we participated in the BBC News School Report Survey online and they came to interview us about our answers. During the survey we answered questions about important issues that affect us as individuals, like things that scare or worry us and our personal thoughts about the future such as going to university or college. The questions also included how we get to school and how much technology we use. The survey was very user-friendly and we completed it online.

James said “There were interesting questions and it was easy to complete. It was also very good to be taking part in a nationwide survey, but I thought it needed some more colours 🙂 !” Our session started off with a discussion with Alison and Mrs Pieroni. We all had different views about the questions in the survey. Some of us used more technology than others in the group and some of us get to school by different means of transport. We discovered that different things worry different people.

 Unfortunately, we had some technical problems with the camera! But it gave us time to interview the news crew and think about our story. We filmed in the Learning Resource Centre, at the lockers with our mobile phones and at the buses at the end of the day. We are all excited about being on the BBC News on the 24th of March the BBC School News Report live day.

Once we were finished we asked each other what we thought of this whole fabulous experience, Sean said “I found this experience extremely interesting; it taught me how to put my own twist on a story.”

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BBC News School Report

Welcome to Blairgowrie High School News.

We are busy researching and writing stories at the moment but you can read more about us on our Meet the reporters page.

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